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Unlike most other travel pillows, I support your head and neck amazingly well, and I have a multitude of other uses.  Try me out, and I will make your journey as great as your destination.



    Seat with a view…For some ultimate side sleeping comfort in an airplane window seat, twist me to the side.  Sleeping on a window has never felt better.  


    Stuck in the middle…For some cozy comfort in an airplane middle seat, just bend in the sides on your seat headrest and twist me to either side.  Just close your eyes to avoid any awkward airplane conversations. 


    Look mom no hands…Prop your electronic device up on me for a hands-free experience.


    I got your back…Use me for lumbar or upper back support on long trips or anytime.


    What a pain in the butt…Not with me.  When your bottom gets tired, sit on me. 


    Layover…From a quick catnap to an all-nighter, lay me down and use me as a regular pillow.  


    Oh snap…Snap me tight or snap me loose to help hold me in place. 


    Stowaway…Easily stow me on top of your rolling bag. You don’t even have to remove me when you put your bag through the X-ray! Too bad you can’t say that for your shoes.


    Hang on…Snap me to the straps on your backpack, and I will hang on tight.

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